If you’re looking for the best vegan restaurants in Tulum, you’ve come to the right place!

Is Mexico good for Vegans?

As a vegan who is traveling, you know that it can be hard to find food that’s not only delicious but also free of animal products.

If you’re heading to Mexico, Tulum is one of the best places in the country that you can check out. The town has a vibrant restaurant scene with many options for vegan foodies.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants in Tulum that serve vegan food so that you can eat well and enjoy yourself!

Note from Sara: I’ve avidly traveling Mexico for over a decade now. I love this beautiful country and know it well, so if you have any questions, I respond quickly to comments!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Tulum

Raw Love Tulum

A hidden, healthy beach café is located in Ahau Tulum, behind the well-known sculpture, Ven a la Luz. The sitting was situated on a sandy area outside in a jungly garden environment.

This café is close to the beach and offers a very relaxed atmosphere. Smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, and raw vegan meals were all offered on the menu. The only sweetener used at this place is honey, and everything here is vegan and gluten-free.

The restaurant specializes in smoothie bowls, which, according to customers, are larger and more filling than those at other establishments. Additionally, they had internet access, which is a wonderful extra!

Laylo Tulum Vegan Lounge

This vegan lounge, which is in the city’s heart of Tulum, features a pleasant environment and an outside courtyard where it serves a variety of Western and Mexican staples. Juices, kava, and drinks are offered to pair with vegan fusion meals.

Breakfast bowls, sushi, rice paper rolls, burgers, pizza, desserts, and snacks are among the options on the menu. Their six plant-based burgers will make you swoon over their flavor, and the majority of customers strongly recommend the beetroot burger. Furthermore, smoothies, bowls, and elixirs are available there. You can also make your own bowl to your specifications.

Vegan tacos “El Bajón”

Do you have a hankering for tacos? Experience the best vegan tacos at Vegan Tacos El Bajon without looking elsewhere. In Tulum Centro, there is a food truck named El Bajon with outside seating. If you’re searching for authentic Mexican vegan tacos on a budget, this location has you covered with its list of roughly 7 best sellers.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can also add vegan cheese for some added taste. With a rush of fresh herbs and spices, each bite is bursting with flavor. Green chorizo, vegan pastor, and jackfruit are just a few of the must-try favorites.

Personally, I love these vegan tacos, and I think having lunch at this taqueria is one of the best things to do in Tulum if you want to try new Mexican dishes.

Matcha Mama

A rustic roadside café named Matcha Mama in Tulum, shaded by palm trees, offering matcha, açaí, coffee, kombucha, smoothies, and 'nice cream'.

The famous tropical smoothie restaurant Matcha Mama is situated in the center of Tulum on a peaceful lane.

Matcha Mama is a popular Instagram location because of its adorable and hip design, including a surfboard sign that reads, “I love Tulum so matcha,” and it serves fresh fruit smoothies, açai bowls, and coffee with a matcha focus.

They use only plant-based ingredients and don’t use any gluten. Additionally, it sells kombucha, fresh coconut water, and vegan ice cream. To fully appreciate your treat, there is a charming little swing spot up front or some outdoor seating towards the restaurant’s back.

Burrito Amor

If you want some genuine and delicious burritos, come here! The restaurant is fantastic and has a lovely outdoor area that looks like a garden. Try these packed tortilla wraps from Burrito Amor, which has a large selection of vegan alternatives on its menu.

The vegan burrito is served with cactus, Mayan spinach, black beans, rice, pico de gallo, and avocado with epazote dressing and is rolled up in banana leaves. They offer freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, cocktails, and margaritas as beverages. In addition to sitting outside, you can eat and drink at the restaurant’s counter. Additionally, Burrito Amor only employs bamboo straws that can be reused, and all takeout packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

La Hoja Verde

La Hoja Verde is a cozy patio dining establishment with a central location in Tulum. It works great for accommodating big gatherings.

The restaurant offers upscale vegetarian dishes such as falafel salad bowls, pasta, and burgers at reasonable prices. The whole menu at La Hoja Verde is vegan and vegetarian-friendly, including Mexican dishes like chilaquiles, enfrijoladas, and quesadillas, as well as other international cuisines.

Suculenta Tamaleria

Mexican tamale specialists Suculenta Tamaleria is a family-run vegan restaurant in Tulum. If you want to experience the best vegan tamales, which are made of corn dough and filling and are wrapped in banana leaves, visit the place.

Tamales are a mainstay of Mexican cuisine, and the good thing is that you don’t need to forgo them even if you’re vegan. The eatery offers typical Mexican cuisine in a relaxed setting, yet all of the menu items are vegan. There aren’t many vegan tamales available, which is the reason Suculenta Tamaleria’s is so well-known.

Los Bowls de Guadalupe

Don’t skip trying Los Bowls de Guadalupe while visiting Tulum. A beautiful little spot with shops all around is located just off the beach.

Additionally, it features a very adorable and laid-back outdoor dining area with traditional Mexican and jungle themes, making it the ideal pit stop for food and rest. All of the restaurant’s food items are naturally gluten-free. They serve pastries, smoothies, coffee, and vegan Yucatan-style bowls made primarily from plant-based ingredients. They don’t accept cash; only credit cards.

La Vegan Taquería

A beautiful, vibrant, little taco joint with amazing food and a warm atmosphere, La Vegan Taquería has a great selection of vegan tacos as well as vegan adaptations of traditional Mexican dishes.

The popular dishes among their customers include Jamaican hibiscus flower with avocado, Cauliflower tacos, Huilacoche, Mushroom tacos, Carrots with beans and avocados, Tofu with cabbage dressing, and many more.

10. Bio-natural Tulum

Set in a laid-back atmosphere, Bio-natural serves freshly prepared, organic, and vegan dishes. The menu includes hotcakes, enchiladas, fruit dishes, vegan pita burgers, falafel, curry with tofu, smoothies, salads, carrot cake, vegan ice cream, detox juices, and many more.

They also have a shop for vegan and natural products where they sell cereals, granolas, edible oils, vegan meat, superfoods, and spices.

11. Tamarindos Tulum

Tulum is a town that’s full of surprises. You can find yourself in the middle of a bustling city one moment, and the very next, you’re surrounded by the beautiful nature that makes this part of Mexico so special.

One such surprise is Tamarindos Restaurant, which is a farm-to-table restaurant located in the heart of Tulum beach. This spot serves up delicious food with vegan options. The menu and view will take your breath away. You’ll be glad you stopped by!

12. Macondo at Nômade Tulum

You will love the comfy and boho vibe of Macondo Restaurant at Nômade Tulum. Macondo at Nômade Tulum is a vegan restaurant serving up inventive, plant-based cuisine and an immersive experience.

It offers an intimate setting that is perfect for dining alone or with loved ones. Its open-air patio surrounded by lush greenery provides a serene environment to enjoy your meal. Macondo’s menu features small plates, salads, and bowls that are served family-style: you can order multiple dishes or just one—whatever you’re in the mood for!

13. El Vegetariano Mar y Tierra

A vegan-friendly restaurant in the city of Tulum, it offers a variety of dishes that include a delicious selection of salads, tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

All of the dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are served with a side order of chips and guacamole. This restaurant serves Mexican dishes made with locally sourced ingredients which ensures that everything on their menu is fresh and flavorful.

14. Pizza Papi, the best Vegan pizza in Tulum

If you want delicious, cruelty-free pizza without having to sacrifice any of your favorite flavors or textures, Pizza Papi offers different pizzas — from classic tomato sauce and cheese to more exotic options like pesto.

They also serve amazing pasta, salads, desserts, dips, sauces, snacks, cocktails, natural wines, and mocktails. Their best sellers include Caponata, Funghi Pizza, Margarita Pizza, Pesto Cavatelli, Sesame Ice Cream, and Chocolate Cake. You can also buy packaged products that you can enjoy at home.

Customers keep on coming back for more of their 48- hour fermented sourdough crust and in-house mozzarella. This spot is a must-visit for vegans!

15. La Cordobesita Tulum, the vegan street food

La Cordobesita Tulum, the vegan street food, is a place where you can enjoy delicious recipes and great drinks in a nice atmosphere. Aside from multiple options for tacos, they make their own delicious salsas and condiments that complement your dish.

Popular among their customers are soy burger, vegan open fire pizza, nopales, jackfruit tacos, poblano quesadilla, vegan torta (cake). With its mouth-watering flavors, and an atmosphere that takes you away from your daily routine, La Cordobesita will leave you with a smile on your face.

Are you feeling hungry now for some vegan food in Tulum Mexico? You’re not alone.

While there are many reasons why you should visit Tulum, there are also many great restaurants to eat at as well.

We’ve revealed the best vegan restaurants in Tulum. It’s time for you to take action! Whether you’re a local or visiting, you’ll want to know and try them all out.

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