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A small town on the south of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is a major tourist attraction, but it still maintains a laid-back vibe that makes it feel like you’re visiting a friend’s house rather than a big city.

With so many tourists coming through here, it’s no wonder that there are so many restaurants and cafes to serve them.

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, there are plenty of fresh juices available as well as homemade bread. If you want something more substantial, there are meals packed with protein and Mexican breakfast dishes like chilaquiles, too. 

Before hitting the beach or exploring this beautiful city further then check out one of these spots for breakfast. Here are the 10 best breakfasts you can enjoy in Tulum!

Note from Sara: I’ve avidly traveling Mexico for over a decade now. I love this beautiful country and know it well, so if you have any questions, I respond quickly to comments!

Best breakfast in Tulum, Mexico

A breakfast plate with avocado toast and a side salad with boiled egg segments, served with a glass of orange juice and a water glass on a wooden table in a Tulum café.

1. BOTANICA Garden Café

If you’re particular with ambience, then you’ll surely appreciate spending your morning meals here. The cafe has both an outdoor seating and indoor seating areas where you can enjoy your food while taking in the botanical surroundings.

The combination of natural light and the lush plants creates a relaxing atmosphere plus the rustic and wood decor adds a homey vibe to the place.

Their menu is mostly vegetarian with some vegan options as well. The range includes sandwiches, salads, tartines, pitas, quiches, fruit bowls, bagels, chorizos, and many more.  They also have a selection of drinks including coffee, fresh fruit smoothies, and juices. Their dishes are not just visually appetizing, but they are truly delicious and well-prepared.

Located on Andromeda Ote street, this cafe sometimes holds live music, art workshops, and community events. Botanica Garden Café is a great place to start your day!

2. Raw Love Café

It’s usually challenging to eat healthy when traveling. If you’re the type that wants to do so, it won’t be difficult when you stay near this vegan spot, the Raw Love Café.

Being true to its name, it is as raw as it can get. You can have your raw vegan breakfast with organic coffee in the jungle by the sea!

Located in downtown Tulum, this plant-based cafe aims to serve food with love so that their guests can feel healed through the dishes they prepare. Their popular dishes include Raw Pad Thai, smoothie bowls, Coconut Curry, Black bean burger, Carrot cake, and Raw Veggie Maki Roll. They make their own fresh coconut milk every day and they try to outsource their ingredients locally.

Raw Love Café has this bohemian zen vibe that makes their guests feel rejuvenated and nourished even while away from home.

3. Matcha Mama

Sara having a coffee in Tulum in famous Matcha Mama

Matcha Mama is your charming spot for a wonderful morning. With nicely painted walls in teal, white, yellow, and pink colors as well as designed with flamingo and monstera murals, this venue for breakfast indeed gives off a tropical vibe.

A family-owned smoothie shack that grew into a tourist attraction, Matcha Mama proudly now has 4 branches. The focus of their menu is matcha-based drinks, smoothies, acai bowls, cold brew, fresh coconut water, and all other plant-based good stuff.

If you spend your breakfast here while in Tulum, you’ll surely get tropical vibes daily!

4. Del Cielo

Known for their larger than usual serving size, Del Cielo is a bistro that offers beautifully plated delicious meals. They have an extensive menu with a wealth of smoothies, bowls, tartines, egg dishes, florentines, fruit platters, bites, and coffee. Their bestsellers are the huevos rancheros, tartines and chilaquiles!

Located right in Tulum centro, this small restaurant defines itself in three words, “Welcome home, baby”. Del Cielo is frequently busy and crowded which adds to the vibe of the place making it appear as a meeting point of like-minded individuals and not just simply a spot for dining.

5. Burrito Amor 

If you are a fan of burritos for breakfast, then make headway to this little corner on the Main Street of Tulum.

Their burrito wrapped in banana leaves and a variety of homemade sauce is a winner among diners!

The best ones range from Egg & Nopal, Cheese & Bean, Rib Eye of Beef, Filet of Fish, Smoked Pork & Pineapple, and Chicken Breast with Mexican breakfast potatoes.

A diner that is accessible with an authentic Mexico vibe, Burrito Amor advocates for clean and conscious eating as well as responsible food packaging. They use reusable bamboo straws and assemble their take-out orders in biodegradable packages.

A cute restaurant in a garden setting, this diner is a great spot to stop for an uncomplicated breakfast.

6. Fresco’s

Another great option for healthy eating in Tulum is right here at the Fresco’s. It’s a cozy breakfast spot with white tables on white sand. They really live up to their name because there’s an open-air seating arrangement and the food products are fresh.

Your choices include Matcha Pudding, Amaranth & Coconut Pancakes, Zucchini Sandwich, Green Chilaquiles, Salmon Toast, Cocoa Smoothie Bowls, Fruit Bowls, and Fresh Juices. They’re a light bite, but it’s sure to give you the energy you need for your day’s activities. They have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options, too!

If you fancy late breakfast on weekends, they have Brunch Specials on Sundays.

7. Taqueria Honorio 

If you came to Tulum to have handmade tacos, tortillas, and quesadillas, then a visit to Taqueria Honorio is a must. Here you get to have a taste of the Yucatan. Their popular offerings are Cochinita Pibil, Relleno Negro, Lechon al Horno, Carne Asada, and Poc Chuc Tacos. You can pair these with their Guacamole and Chips and then delight in the Flan Napolitano for dessert. 

This family business eatery has a simple, no frills, laid-back setting. There’s outdoor seating that overlooks the street where you can enjoy your meal while watching the cars go by. You can also sit inside at one of their tables.

What started out as a food cart is now a full size restaurant that’s always packed with tourists and locals enjoying real Mexican food. Taqueria Honororio is truly an authentic eat in Tulum!

8. The Real Coconut Café

For food-conscious travelers, it’s quite tough to find restaurants that have gluten-free, non-dairy, and plant-forward, but flavorful menus. More so, find one that’s located right on white sand with a view of the ocean, minimalistically designed, and that has a soothing ambience. That’s what The Real Coconut Cafe is about!

Their must-try includes Mushroom/Spinach Quesadillas, Mint Chip Smoothie, Macho Pancakes, Cauliflower Rice, Coconut Ceviche, Plantain Tortillas, Yucca Croquettes, Mushroom Tacos, Veggie Ramen, and Skillet Cookie.

With their creative menu, you can sense that they are really mindful in crafting recipes that would have a less impact on the environment, but have a great impact on the health of their customers.

As a health-oriented traveler, you’d probably be the happiest having your breakfast at The Real Coconut Café!

9. Café Hunab Ku

If you’re in for the best pastries and coffee pairing in town, then this small café will give you that. Their menu also covers pancakes, pan dulce, quesadillas, ensaladas, sandwiches, granolas, croissants, omelets and drinks.

Their recommended eats are Avocado Croissant, Hunab Ku Focaccia, Balam Salad, Pumpernickel Bread, Pain au Chocolat, and Mexican Quesadillas.

A family-owned business initiated in 2018, Café Hunab Ku is all about providing fresh products sourced locally and one that’s eco-friendly. You can find them at the Avenida Kukulcán. This spot is surrounded by plants that add to its chill vibes. 

10. Ziggy’s Beach Club 

Does lounging on the beach under palm trees feasting on Machaca ala Mexicana or Barbacoa Tacos while the sun is rising sound like an amazing morning to you? Well, you can have that and so much more here at the Ziggy’s Beach Club! Guest favorites are Huitlacoche Risotto, Acai Smoothie Bowl, Valladolid Longaniza, Pork Belly Enchiladas, Avocado Tacos, Warm Corn Cake, Cappuccino, and Smoothies.

Next to the Beach Tulum, this spot has both a restaurant and a beach club. With just a minimal entry spend, guests can gain access to the beach where there are lounge chairs, couches, and beach beds.

A mellow breakfast spent at the Ziggy’s Beach Club is definitely not wasted!

They say, “Every great itinerary began with a great breakfast”. In Tulum, it’s not just the food that makes it so special—it’s also where you’re eating it.

With a gorgeous beach and laid-back atmosphere, you’ll surely have wonderful morning meals here. Before you head to your itinerary for the day, give yourself a warm hearty meal in any of these amazing spots.

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